It’s been proven time and time again in recent years that visual content is essential for your social media campaign. Visuals are quick and easy for a viewer to consume and they can relay information faster in often more entertaining ways.

The two most visual social media platforms that are great for marketing your products and services are Pinterest and Facebook. Both allow you to post pictures and graphics to a page and make a visual impact; however, which one is the most effective when it comes to sales?

An important aspect to remember when using these platforms is that they have different users that need to be dealt with in unique ways. Pinterest has a higher concentration of people who are using it in the ‘buy’ state of mind.

The very nature of Pinterest is more shop like. Boards organised usually for aspirational things like house decor, clothes and recipes, all arranged in small photo squares that are formatted to look like an online shop.

According to statistics gathered by 61% of Pinterest users have purchased an item after seeing it on the site. Only 32% of Facebook users have purchased an item after seeing it on Facebook.

Although Pinterest’s sales potential percentage is almost double Facebook’s. The amount of users on Facebook dwarfs that of Pinterest. 800 million people use Facebook whereas the newer platform of Pinterest only has 9 million people using it Pinterest has also released an analytics tool for business that will help you work out what content is driving people to your products and how you can work out a strategy that will encourage more traffic.

Another clear advantage to using Pinterest is currently it’s free; you don’t have to pay to promote anything.

Facebook is a more social based network, and its strength, in regards to marketing and branding, is its ability for you to build a more genuine relationship with consumers; giving an easy platform to answer any questions and get instant customer feedback.
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While Facebook wins on traffic, Pinterest appears to be defeating Facebook in all other statistics. When you look at BloomReaches analysis, from the end of last year it showed that converted Pinterest’s make 22% more sales than a Facebook page. They also found that the average revenue per visit on Pinterest was more than $1.50.

However, Facebook is still the best way to reach a large online audience. The volume of users is just too big to ignore. 1.06 billion, monthly active users and 618 million daily users. It would seem we are heading into a new era of social media where using them all together is what will result in sales. Using Facebook’s massive user base and pinterest’s selling potential together will get your product/ company reaching more potential buyers.

Social media marketing is still in its early stages and things are developing all the time to make it more effective for your marketing. For 2013 though it seems Pinterest will be more efficient than Facebook.

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