Poland is popular destination for UK travellers – 851,000 visitors came from the UK in 2017. Well known for its picturesque cities like Kraków and Warsaw, Poland tops the list for those looking for an energetic city break. But the Polish Tourism Organisation wants people to know that the country offers much more outside of its cities – culture, scenic landscapes and outstanding historical sites.

Digital Visitor will be focusing on raising awareness of the broader tourist offering with a social media advertising campaign across Facebook and Instagram, supported by high impact content targeted to key audiences within the UK.

Digital Visitor Co Founder, Simon Jones, commented “I’ve wanted to work with the team at Polish Tourism for some time. Poland has a diverse and world class tourist offering and provides great value for UK audiences. With the current travel trend for authentic travel experiences enticing travelers away from the crowded tourist hotspots, this is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on what Poland has to offer.”

Poland joins a number of international destinations in the Digital Visitor stable, including Japan, Aruba, Mauritius and Catalunya. You can keep an eye out for this campaign on social media over the next few weeks.