Week 1: Red Lippy Project

Red Lippy Project

Once a week, the team at Digital Visitor picks one stand out social media campaign that’s captured our collective attention – either because of its cause, its creativity or its success… maybe even a combination of all three!

This week, we’ve chosen the Red Lippy Project – a campaign to publicise Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week, 8th to 14th June 2014.

@redlippyproject is asking for red lippy selfies to help raise awareness of cervical cancer and encourage more young women to visit their GP for screening.

What’s involved?

Red Lippy Selfie Wearing your brightest red lippy, share your selfie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #redlippyproject and #makeamark

Like the #nomakeupselfie that recently went viral, you can also make a donation to charity online or by text.

Here’s one we made earlier –