With Spring/Summer fast approaching, we’ve tasked our creative team to come up with some Fashion retail campaign ideas for those of you worried you’ve missed the punch.

The result – gorgeous, engaging, and cost-effective social media campaigns, that are quick to implement, and as effective in achieving your digital objectives, as our work always is.

These are just a few campaign ideas that can be designed and tailored to be perfectly on brand with countless features and options.   Each promotion uses a unique mechanic aimed at delivering a specific set of objectives, so whatever your targets we will help you to choose the most suitable solution.

Spring/Summer Style Selector

An engaging interactive promotion perfectly suited to Facebook that immerses users in your brand and showcases your latest Spring/Summer collections.


How It Works:

Why you’ll love it…

  1. Engaging but straight forward ‘quiz’ drives reach and uptake.
  2. Question mechanic gathers email addresses for future marketing activity and market research data on your future customers.
  3. Links can be built from individual clothing items on each result page – driving traffic to product pages on your website.
  4. Strong calls to action throughout entry process encourage users to like your brand page.
  5. Compatible on all desktop browsers, mobile and tablets.

Spot the Difference

An engaging online promotion that asks users to study the attire of models to spot subtle mistakes in dress, emphasising the brand’s attention to detail especially during the summer season.


How it Works:

Why You’ll Love It…

Spring/Summer Style Mood Board

An engaging bespoke social application we created ourselves that enables your next customers to select a collection of clothes for their summer mood board for a chance to win the clothes they picked.


How It Works:

Why You’ll Love It…