Since a presence on Facebook and Twitter became pretty much obligatory for businesses, networks like G+, Instagram and Pinterest have also started gaining more ground. Many companies are juggling all 5 channels, so to stand out from the crowd, they’ve been testing ever more innovative campaigns on channels like Vine and Snapchat, both of which are fast achieving mainstream status in social media marketing. Here, we look at what Vine and Snapchat offer that other platforms don’t and how they’re being used by brands in different ways.

What is Vine…?

Airbnb (hotel rentals) ran a Vine campaign to capture user generated content and then turned the clips into a compilation using as many of the entries as possible, helping drive viral sharing.

Other fans include fashion retailers Topshop and Burberry which regularly post exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ videos to their Vine profiles.

Meanwhile, Cornetto‘s produced some clever clips around its ice-creams and Sour Patch Kids have gone all out to involve social influencer Logan Paul in filming funny pranks with Sour Patch characters.

What does Snapchat do…?

One of the first Snapchat campaigns called to mind is WWF’s #lastselfie to highlight the plight of species in danger of disappearing – a perfect fit for the platform.

Hollyoaks recently became the first soap to join Snapchat, with plans to share teasers for major storylines coming up.

Co-op also joined in by offering students self-destruct discount codes for new laptops and Lynx used their account to ‘leak’ details of a secret launch party for the brand’s fans.

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