Hashtags were made for social channels like Twitter and Google Plus, enabling users to keep track of what’s trending and measure a social campaign’s viral spread.

Even traditional store window and TV advertising now carry hashtags like these –

Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter – all of which allow you to search by hashtag. But data on engagement levels show that since they were introduced to Facebook in 2013 there is a limit to how many #s should be included in a single update – any more than two and you’ll see interactions start to drop off. Include them in your LinkedIn updates and followers will know you’ve just copied and pasted content from another channel without showing thought for the different platforms or users.

For those managing social channels, hashtags also come in handy when planning content as they can help inspire posts and allow you to use what’s trending to your advantage by driving more traffic to relevant content on your own site. Here are some of the most popular hashtags that come up every week…

You can also pretty much guarantee that any given day is a National (or International) Day of Something – be it #worldsmileday or #nationalcoffeeday – so there’s plenty to work with, no matter what industry you’re in. Plus, you could always come up with a hashtag of your own, like tour operator Albatross Tours, which uses #MuddleMonday to promote a weekly quiz on its G+ page.

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