Social media has, over the past several years, developed into one of the most cost effective advertising channels, both online and offline. And plentiful eye-catching imagery and compelling experiences mean that travel and tourism businesses are well-positioned to take full advantage of all social media advertising has to offer.

Having said that, many in the travel and tourism industry aren’t yet making the most of social media advertising. Whether this is a result of logistical challenges or a lack of communication on behalf of agencies isn’t clear, but an industry to which clear and targeted messaging through advertising is so vital should be considering social media advertising as the next big marketing step.

Last week, Managing Director at Digital Visitor, Anthony Rawlins, took to the floor at World Travel Market (WTM) in London, delivering a seminar about the benefits and future of advertising on social media, with a particular focus on the travel and tourism industry.

Below is the presentation as it appeared on stage, from which you can expect to gain an understanding of:

Key Presentation Learnings:

Social Advertising continues to evolve:

Facebook leads, others follow:

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