The Importance of Social Media for the Travel Industry

Social media in the travel and leisure industry especially is a very important digital marketing tool for major airlines, travel agents and tourist boards all over the world. Since the beginning of social media, the travel industry has been ahead of the curve in engaging and adopting social media marketing, largely due to the fact that travellers scaled the internet to find advice and reviews from other like minded travellers who had been to a particular destination, used a particular hotel or service before booking.

There is no doubt that today, we continue to use social media to help plan our holidays and to choose the right hotels, restaurants and events according to our wants and needs.

For travel organisations, building long term relationships through brand awareness and loyalty has become easier through social media and this importance is reflected in that fact that recently some of the bigger organisations have recruited positions solely responsible for social media.

So why has social media become so important for the travel industry?

One of the key features is the fact that social media is instant, so people can be updated with information quicker. We all know that things don’t always go to plan when on holidays, for example weather and traffic issues, so social media is an excellent way for travel organisations to be able to transmit important information quickly and to an extensive audience.

Another key feature is that social media is a great customer service tool. Not only does it allow businesses to connect with and engage with customers online, but it also means that when you respond to one query, you do so publicly for all to see and for all to share – saving you time and effort.

Many would argue that the most important feature of social media for travel organisations is the opportunity to build a devoted customer base.

Having the ability to interact and engage with your customers, and giving them a quick and easy platform for conversation is the key to building a loyal following…but remember to ensure you identify any key supporters and deal with people who are negative as soon as possible.

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