Tnooz recently posted some great social media tips for hotels to create an effective social media strategy, so here are some of our tips and best practice on how to make the most of each of the most popular social media channels.

 Facebook FB_small

With over 500 million monthly unique visitors, Facebook has a huge amount of traffic that your organisation can leverage to grow business.


With 200 million accounts having been opened, Twitter is a great way to give your company a personal touch. Dont be afraid to show some personality!


With 110 million monthly unique visitors, YouTube is an excellent way to visually promote your hotel, venue, attraction, destination or business – especially if you go viral!

Ultimately, the purpose of all your social media activity should be to drive traffic back to your website

Here at Digital Visitor, we provide social media solutions that are integrated into your own website, so no matter what happens, your brand will ALWAYS have a presence in the social media world.

By gathering content such as videos, photos and text on your own website, you can then easily share this on anyother social media site.

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