For International Tourism Boards, a strong and active presence on social media can make a critical difference to travelers when they’re making decisions about  visiting your destination or one of many increasingly professional and engaging alternatives. With booking season upon us, it is exactly the right time of year to be highly visible on the key social channels, proudly showcasing your area’s unique attractions.

To elevate the visibility of your destination, our creative team have come up with a range of social media campaign ideas each with a proven track record of delivering great  results against the objectives all destination marketers  world-wide are seeking to impact.

We’ve detailed three examples, but the ideas and results we can deliver are limitless, so get in touch with Digital Visitor to secure the success of your next social media marketing campaign.

  1. Discover Your Next Holiday

An engaging promotion perfectly suited to Facebook that educates entrants about your destination and showcases the range of activities available when they visit.


How the promotion works

Why You’ll Love It…

  1. Where in the World?

An informative Facebook promotion we developed ourselves that encourages entrants to navigate their way and discover where your country is on a world map to enter.


Promotion details

Why You’ll Love It…

  1. Pack Your Bag

A bespoke Facebook promotion that showcases the variety of activities available in your destination by allowing users to pack a suitcase full of things they would like to do during their visit.


How the promotion works:

Why You’ll Love It…


For more information on these highly effective ways to collect pre-qualified customer leads from social media – and Facebook in particular, please contact us or call 0117 9111420.