While it has seen some notable advances in recent years, the insurance industry isn’t one you’d automatically associate with embracing the cutting edge of digital marketing. And it seems that social media, in particular, isn’t on the priority list of even the leading insurance companies.

Whether this is a trend endemic to a risk-averse financial industry, or a symptom of tight control of messaging and regulation isn’t clear. But what is clear is that an industry so firmly rooted in data-driven investment should pay more attention to social media, a channel becoming known for the ROI it offers businesses across all verticals.

Last week, Managing Director of Digital Visitor, Anthony Rawlins, took to the stage at the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference in Oxford (ITIC UK) to discuss current trends in social media targeting and how they can and will drive commercial benefits for insurance companies.

Below is the presentation as it appeared on stage at ITIC, from which you can expect to gain an understanding of:

– How insurers can target key demographics using social media

– How to engage and educate new leads and prospects about your brand and services

– How to convert nurtured leads and prospects into loyal customers

Key Presentation Takeaways:

– Though social media is one of the best-performing channels for businesses, the insurance industry has been slow to take advantage of this

– The targeting capabilities offered by social media mean that you can easily focus your marketing efforts where you know they have the greatest impact

– Influencer coverage and brand partnerships can be leveraged to great effect in amplifying the reach and impact of social media campaigns

– The ultimate benefit of targeting on social media goes beyond ‘vanity metrics’ (likes, comments) and can drive strong commercial returns, particularly the generation of qualified business leads.

If you have any questions about our presentation or would like to better understand how social media targeting can put your message directly in front of your core audience, please get in touch with us today…