As our social agency is running scores of campaigns at any given time, our experience has helped us to compile a list of common issues, the reasons why they occur – and ways to resolve them quickly if they do.

So if you’ve had limited success in the past with growing your audience, engaging with followers, generating sales or seeing other concrete results for the time and money invested, then read on…

  1. No growth – this could be attributed to a lack of support in the form of online PR and blogger outreach. Don’t underestimate the impact of social influencers and the length of time need to research the right ones and convince them to work with you. Another factor to consider is the ad spend – either a complete lack of paid advertising or poor targeting could have caused this.
  2. Low engagement – there are two likely explanations… the content could be wrong OR you’ve grown the wrong audience and the content you have isn’t speaking to them. If you’re worried about the quality of your content, take a look at our 10 top tips for creating content your followers can’t wait to share!
  3. No sales – generally speaking, social media marketing influences buying decisions further down the line – it is very rarely instant. So the main crime here is simply NOT setting up your tracking appropriately in order to give social a chance to show you sales. Google Analytics will allow you to follow a customer’s journey for up to 6 months.
  4. Wrong audience – possibly because you chose the wrong social media channel to try and engage them, but could also be the result of poor targeting of ads. Think very carefully about the channel you choose for your campaign and avoid making a decision on the basis of what other companies are using – every one is different.
  5. Nothing concrete to show for your investment – give users the option of signing up to your mailing list or create your campaign in a way that will allow you to gain valuable customer insight. If you are asking users to submit content like pictures or videos bear in mind that these can be reused and help keep your own content creation costs down.

We recently identified 10 key benefits you could – and should – see from Facebook campaigns and immortalised them in this infographic. Want our help with your social media marketing? Contact us!