Digital Visitor has a fantastic track record for delivering to pre-agreed targets for clients. Recent work for an apartment provider has produced some spectacular results!

Earlier in the year, this serviced apartment provider joined the likes of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) and Marriott in asking us to help them achieve their marketing objectives using social media channels.

We now have responsibility for their social SEO (improving their search engine visibility by optimising the content posted on social channels) and online PR, which involves optimising their website, building top quality natural links from bloggers and influencers, plus social channel content seeding – all with the aim of reducing third party booking fees and increasing the direct traffic to our client’s website.

Organic Traffic

In just a short space of time – the past three months – we’ve succeeded in achieving an increase on average of 245% per month for the quarter (vs. May 2014) and an overall increase in total traffic of 46% per month (vs. May 2014) with over 2,000 new Facebook fans and more than 1,000 high quality email addresses added to their marketing database.

One of the things that we noticed when initially reviewing our client’s organic traffic was that they were receiving a high volume of irrelevant traffic that was not only falsely inflating their figures, but would also have had a negative impact on their search engine ranking. So not only have we increased their traffic, but we have also improved the quality of traffic as well.

Our Success so Far in graph form

Even at a glance, the graph (above) created from analytical tracking data reveals the huge improvements we’ve already made to the amount of traffic coming into our client’s website from its social channels. We’ll be updating the figures as and when they come in, so please check back for the latest stats and progress on this project.