Having a social media presence is critical in gaining authority and improving your search engine ranking. There are many factors involved in search engine optimisation, but one of the most significant is social media. Search engines want you to be relevant to the terms users are searching for, they want your content to be high quality, but most importantly they want you to be popular. Popularity indicates trustworthiness and relevance – and you can boost your popularity substantially through social channels.

By creating engaging posts and incorporating links to your website, you are essentially achieving word of mouth recommendations from any social media users that like and share your content. It’s no easy task as you could have 100,000 likes on Facebook, but no engagement (or regular engagement, but only 10 likes on Facebook). The trick is to find a balance.

If you create engaging content that users share, they are building a network of support and authority to your website as your links are being shared and viewed by more people than you have as likes on your page. Providing you keep involved with your social activity and ultimately give users a reason to come back, you will see an increase in traffic to your website and eventually an increase in your conversion rate.

But how does this affect SEO? Search engines value unique content and back links. Social media coverage can account for both of these. You are able to produce unique relevant content on a regular basis and also provide a link to the relevant page on your site. If this is shared and liked by your fans, you will see a surge in two areas – traffic from your social channels and traffic from organic searches.

For each post you create and each share you generate, you are further boosting your search engine ranking positions for your targeted keywords, which in turn will generate more traffic. What’s more, this traffic is relevant and looking for the products/services you have to offer. This is very much win-win as you are increasing your brand awareness through social channels and generating further traffic from organic search.

We’ve been implementing this strategy (Social SEO) for one of our clients. In the first month, we saw an increase in total traffic of more than 16%, an increase in organic search traffic of more than 130% and an increase in social traffic to their website by more than 250%.

Social presence has an immediate impact on your website and as long as you are doing it right, can have lasting benefits. Digital Visitor is a multi-award winning social media marketing agency and you’ll can find more about the Social SEO service we offer on our Prices & Packages page.