It is widely regarded that Google Plus can drive more traffic to your website, enhance your search engine results and reduce your bidding costs and PPC spend.

So how can you grow your followers enough in a short period of time to have meaningful effects for your business this year?


This is the challenge Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Digital Visitor, set himself over the past six months. In just over 61 hours, the founder of our digital marketing agency went from 0 to over 10,200 followers. He is now ranked no. 271 in male profiles in the UK, no. 386 in male and female profiles in the UK and no. 455 in all profiles in the UK – including companies. Not bad for about 30 minutes per day!

Anthony Rawlins Google Plus profile

Our five-part guide to Google Plus will show you how you can achieve Google+ success. In this first installment, we’ll focus on posting content to your G+ profile and help you prepare your first G+ posts, before moving on as detailed below – step by step, one per fortnight, till you grow a significant profile with extensive reach and influence on this channel.

Populate your Google Plus feed

Anthony Rawlins Google Plus feed

Google+ involves curating and interacting with great content. Ideally, you need to create your own content and share other people’s content to create a G+ stream that emphasises both your interests and your expertise.

No one wants to follow an empty profile, so take this opportunity to prepare yours by posting enough content to persuade others you’re active online and have something interesting to share. Sharing is engaging and engaging with others will only help increase your following – more on that later…

We recommend choosing five main areas of interest to help guide your posts. When using Google Plus for business, make sure you mix up work related posts with lots of other things to maintain people’s interest and appeal to the widest audience, just as you would when using Facebook or Twitter for business.

Here’s an example of some topics (nothing too niche!) you might choose to help give your posts a focus:

  1. Pets
  2. Social Media
  3. England
  4. Baking
  5. High Street Fashion

It is important in terms of engagement that these subjects also lend themselves well to visual representation. Photographs and film clips will always prove more popular than simple links and screenshots.

Google Plus users in the US outnumber users in the UK, but making a special effort to post content relevant to a UK audience will help position your profile in front of its intended audience – even if you are looking for leads from further afield, start small and work your way up.

Your first few G+ posts

Starting a new post on Google Plus

To find content you’d like to share, simply search for something on topic and see what comes up. Using a # in your search can make it more effective. If England is on your topics to target, you might search for #london – and when you do, Google Plus will suggest related hashtags, such as #londonphotography.

Once you’ve found a post you like enough to share, click the +1 and perhaps leave a comment. Then share it. At this point, you’ll be given the option to add a little note of your own, which may or may not include hashtags to help other people find your post, so they in turn can like it / comment on it / share it.

Using hashtags on Google Plus

You want to post some original content of your own as well. Perhaps you’ve come across something interesting elsewhere online or took a fab photo on holiday – add it. Type your message and attach your picture / video / link using the share what’s new box on your homepage.

What next?

Your profile will inevitably start to amass views from other users as your activity is flagged up online. Attracting eyeballs is a good start, but increasing exponentially the number of people who see your posts is key to converting visitors to followers and getting more engagement on your posts.

Once you’ve amassed around 20 posts, you’ll be ready to progress to step 2: Growing your circles.