Digital Visitor has established a LinkedIn group for discussing social media strategy – are you a member of Strategic Social Media Marketing yet?

If not, then you can send us a request at the click of a button. It’s quick and easy to join… and as you’re about to find out, being a member can benefit you and your business in all sorts of different ways:

1.       You want to stay up to date with what’s happening in social media from those in the know

In the past month, we’ve posted discussions on everything from Facebook marketing to Instagram advertising, from shopping by hashtag to creative campaigns using selfies, from using Tumblr to engage fans to Google Plus: dead or alive – the stories are as varied as the sources, so dip in and see for yourself what the hot topics are in social media marketing.

2.       You want to ask advice on social media campaigns, channel management, time-saving software…

Networking Opportunity

There are nearly 2,000 marketing professionals who can call themselves members, so the likelihood is that no matter what your query is, by posting about it on our forum you’ll attract the attention of someone who can help and hopefully learn something new as a result. Whether you’re looking for suggestions, recommendations or simply want to gauge opinion on something, this forum is ideal. Each member is approved by Digital Visitor (you can follow our company page here) to ensure the user experience is of the best quality.

3.       You want to find a reliable source of shareable content – we’ve got it in spades

LinkedIn is a great place to find social media stories that your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus followers will also be interested to hear about. Managing multiple channels is no mean feat, so finding a resource as rich as LinkedIn will help you out no end. Examples of some of the great content currently being shared by our members include Facebook and Google Plus infographics, a fun tool for creating free graphics from written content and top tips for humanising your marketing voice on social media.

4.       You want to advertise a job or promote an industry event for free

There are dedicated areas just for these, helping them stand out and position them in front of relevant individuals. Most recently, we helped a travel company advertise a Marketing Manager vacancy. Any industry events, including training opportunities, networking opportunities, conferences and awards are most welcome – let us help you spread the word!

5.       You want to boost your profile on LinkedIn

Use our forum to build useful contacts, interact with people and posts, even help others out by sharing the benefit of your experience or expertise – by adding great discussions and comments you’ll soon become a ‘top contributor’ and see your profile featured on the group homepage, so it’s well worth working up to.