Perpetually in a state of active development, social media is fast becoming the most sophisticated instrument in the tool belt of today’s digital marketer. And brands are recognising the inherent value of social networks, with social media spend set to exceed 20% of marketing budgets within 5 years.

As users, we give away more personal data than ever before and networks like Facebook have access to the lion’s share. Access to such a wealth of data and a focus on technological developments within social media means that marketers and brands are able to target specific audiences more easily than ever before.

Last week, Managing Director at Digital Visitor, Anthony Rawlins, took to the lectern at the 2016 CLIA river Cruise Convention in Amsterdam. In his presentation, he talked in-depth about how the cruise industry can use social media to target its key audiences on social media.

Below is the presentation as it appeared on stage, from which you can expect to gain an understanding of: