Christmas has hit. It may feel wrong; it’s only just November, but such is life. And thanks to the phenomenal success enjoyed by John Lewis’ Christmas ads over the past few years, more and more companies are getting in on the act of high-budget television promotions as the years go by.

Some are better than others of course, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Christmas Ads of 2015 (So Far…):

John Lewis – ‘Man on the Moon’

Of course this was going to be top of the list. The only company, other than Coca-Cola, to achieve a psychological connection with Christmas. Once the John Lewis advert is here, it’s suddenly Christmas. Just go along with it.

Cadbury – ‘Christmas 2015’

Not to give too much away, but the Cadbury ad makes the list for its use of music alone; the Thunderbirds theme. It’s a refreshing change from annual renditions of Christmas “favourites”. The content is quite compelling too, if not entirely original, with Cadbury venturing down the path of Christmas lorries. Holidays are coming, and all that.

Argos – ‘Just Can’t Wait for Christmas’

50 skiers and snowboarders. The iconic music from Prokofiev’s ‘Lieutenant Kije’. The slopes of a mountainside in Chile’s Valle Navado. This advert may be short and sweet, but it’s got everything. There’s some pretty clever product placement here too.

Currys PC World – ‘spare the act’

The Christmas advert from Currys PC World starts pretty slowly. Then, once the puzzled look on your face reaches its peak, Jeff Goldblum steps through the door, and in one fell swoop creates advertising gold and solves a years old question; just how do you pronounce Jeff Goldblum?

Mulberry – “the miracle of Mulberry”

This is perhaps our favourite. Just watch it in all its blaspheming beauty.