In today’s fast paced and competitive online world, it’s paramount for businesses to devise ways to attract more visitors to their websites, retain those visitors and to improve their websites’ page rankings.

One tool that can help achieve these objectives is a forum or discussion board, and today these have become some of the most popular ways of engaging and interacting with others online.

Forum and discussion functionality can be a great addition to any website. In this article, we will go through the many advantages and few challenges businesses may face when implementing forums or discussion on to their websites, and share a few tips on how to manage it.



While all the conversations are happening, you’re providing information to prospects as well. People interested in possibly buying from you may browse your forum, see the community, see your ability to service and communicate with your customers, and this may entice visitors to become buyers.


Establishing a discussion forum can take some initial time and effort but once people start contributing to the discussion, you’ll start to see the benefits that your forum is bringing to your business, and the time and effort needed to maintain it will seem less and less each time you see your traffic and profits going up.

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