woman taking photo_360pixUser generated content can be the highest impact web 2.0 enhancement available for your website. Highly cost-effective and very quick and easy to set-up, you can encourage and enable your own online visitors to enhance your marketing, increase your site’s retention, bookings, enquiries, repeat visits and browsing time.

By allowing your online visitors to upload their own testimonials, reviews and experiences to your website this breeds loyalty and significantly enhances the interactivity of your site for online visitors.

6 great benefits of user-generated content (UGC)

1. User generated content greatly increases the rich media content of your website and provides regularly updated information. Rich media content includes video and photos. Many of our clients have problems gathering up-to-date seasonal content for their websites, however user generated content is a great source of recent information that will enhance the aesthetics of your website and the online visitor experience.

2. An increase in rich media content and the regularity at which information is added to a website has positive effects on the search engine optimisation of the website thus increasing the page ranking of the website in search engines.

3. User generated content can provide a trustworthy and personal source of information about an experience or venue. A recent study has revealed that holidaymakers are now booking trips based on online travel reviews rather than glossy publications. Reviews written by the general public on independent websites, search results on Google and word of mouth advice from family, friends and colleagues are more influential than brochures, advertising, media reviews and advice from travel agents when it comes to booking holidays. Read more… 

4. User generated content greatly increase the interactivity of a website that in turn can increase the online retention of your website visitors. UGC can contribute to increased browsing time on your website and in turn, a higher level of bookings and enquiries.

5. By offering online visitors a higher level of attractive content and interactivity with your website, this can increase your online visitor loyaltythus resulting in higher number of repeat visits. User generated content can really turn your website into more of an online community. Read more about how you can build your own online social network.

6. User generated content can provide an excellent avenue for data capture from your online visitors.

Start gathering user generated content from your online visitors to enhance your marketing today. Call us on +44(0)1179 055 195 or email info@digitalvisitor.com to find out more…