One of the most challenging audiences marketers struggle to connect with and sell to is the youth market. The problem is that, in the fast paced world of social media and brand marketing, it can be difficult to keep up to date with how different people are using different platforms. Many marketers struggle to understand what young audiences actually want and how can they provide it without sounding like their dad trying to be cool?

Here are our top five social media marketing tips to help you provide the right content and use the right tone:

5) Make sure you have a great blogger strategy.
When approaching young bloggers, make sure you speak the right kind of language. Don’t be patronising, don’t be too formal and don’t try and make copy sound like it’s just come out of a 16 year olds mouth. However, do keep it short & to the point, do be friendly and do be aware of what phrases your audience uses and which ones, more importantly, threaten to be huge out-dated faux pas!

4) Consider different social media channels.
Teens and young adults are the most likely to use newer social media platforms. Do your research. How ever faddy a platform may seem it might just be the thing to build that customer base you’re after.

oqtz83) Be engaging.
As with all demographics content is key. If you don’t have interesting content no one will read what you’re saying. Like everybody else, young people are looking for engaging content; whether that’s in your blog or social media updates. People want to feel connected to a brand but they also don’t want to have to read essays of information. Young people especially, are notorious for having short attention spans!

Use Gifs, images and info-graphics to provide content they WANT to see. Images are also much more sharable on all platforms.

2) Give them a place to be heard.
Teens are ridiculously opinionated and they’re looking for a place to express themselves and find other like-minded people online. So use social media marketing as a customer service tool.

Encourage feedback and give them some control. Doing this helps to make them feel included and demonstrates that you, as a company, take their feedback seriously and care about your customer base.

1) Target key influencers.
Possibly the biggest challenge of youth marketing is finding and harnessing true influencers, who can broadcast your brand to a natural, organic audience.

There are a lot of companies and individuals out there with tens of thousands of followers, fans and subscribers. Targeting and connecting with the right people is great way to gain more followers and get your message out there.

These can literally change from week to week though so do your research and do weekly searches for relevant new and celebrity influencers.

Here at Digital Visitor, we have built a unique network of young Facebook influencers, most of whom have over 70,000 subscribers each.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your brand to reach this influential, highly engaged audience with social media campaigns, contact us today!