While Digital Visitor works with a wide range of clients across numerous verticals, it’s in travel and tourism that our true speciality lies. Since the beginning of 2015, we’ve worked directly with a huge number of destination marketing organisations (DMOs) to generate awareness of their country/region among a targeted audience of prospective holidaymakers.

They include:

Aruba Tourism Authority, Destination Bristol, Mauritius Tourism, Lake District, Poole Tourism, Visit 1066 Country, Visit Breckenridge, Visit Catalunya, Visit Dorset, Visit Eastbourne, Visit Isle of Wight, Visit Somerset, Visit Wiltshire, Visit Japan, Visit Jersey, Visit Malta and Visit Windsor.

In this whitepaper, we’ve pooled our collective experience in the travel and tourism industry, and distilled what has been demonstrated – by our own work – to be the most effective marketing approach for DMOs seeking to future-proof the success of the tourism industry in their region – nationally and internationally.

Futureproof: A Blueprint for Destination Perception Change

The whitepaper is presented in 7 distinct, but intertwined steps, to form a blueprint leading to the ultimate point of positive perception change for any destination.

It collates our own expertise and that of leading others in the field, to offer DMOs worldwide an executable strategy for elevating or galvanising the reputation of their destination as a compelling holiday destination. This, after all, is the key to enacting a positive shift in perception and driving positive commercial outcomes for local stakeholders and communities.

Interested in this whitepaper?  Drop us a message and we can send it over to you if you like, but please bear in mind, it has been a few years and things have moved on since then. 

We’re in the process of updating this paper, but in the meantime make sure to check out 2021 Whitepaper: An Industry Renewed for some more recent advice.