Where does YOUR destination rank?

We’ve collated a list from a number of different sources & reviewed the major tourism DMOs* in the UK to produce this table featuring the top 75 social destinations so you can get a snapshot of where you stand…

*Please note we’ve recently updated this table as we had notifications of some tourist boards being missed out. After searching high & low to find a complete list of UK tourist boards & finding none, we decided to compile our own.  We think we’re pretty close now but if you think you should be represented, then please let us know!

Our social media team have been working with both Jersey Tourism & Visit Bristol over the past year to grow their social communities & increase their online exposure.

CLICK HERE to read more about  how we made Jersey Tourism the Number 1 ranking for the largest social community with the smallest land area.

CLICK HERE to read more about Visit Bristol & how we’ve helped them to promote short-break stays in Bristol.


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