For prospective students, selecting a university may be the most challenging decision they’ve ever made.

Faced with the responsibility of needing to decide where they’ll be steering their lives next, prospective students are not just choosing which university they’ll be attending – they are looking for an institution in which they can entrust the development of their own futures.

Historically, academic reputation has held prominence as a leading factor in students’ decision-making.  However, many students today are career-driven, commercially minded and express particular interest in wanting ‘value for money.’

According to a Study of UK Higher Education, “The primary purpose for students entering higher education was to improve their career prospects… Students spoke of needing to go beyond their degree to gain the skills and experience they would need for employment, highlighting the importance of extra‐curricular activities, internships and work placement opportunities.”

Given these attitudes, attracting students to attend your University’s Open Days are essential to win prospective students’ interest in applying.  Open Days provide the opportunity to exhibit the full range of extracurricular activities available on campus, as well as showcasing your leading facilities, highlighting the unique benefits of your location, and most importantly – providing prospective students with the chance to interact with your existing student bodies.

We believe that social media is a perfect platform for Universities to connect with prospective students and achieve this. We’ve designed three example campaigns to demonstrate how to promote Open Days via social media campaigns.

#WHYILOVEUNI Instagram/Microsite

A beautifully designed custom microsite that engages your existing student body and connects them to prospective students with their own photo/video testaments of why they love your University!


How It Works

Why You’ll Love It

Complete the Treasure Hunt Challenge & Unlock a Chance to Win a Weekend Stay!

This is an informative and engaging treasure hunt style campaign that uses an interactive map to simulate a tour your prospective students will want to experience themselves!


How it Works

 Why You’ll Love It

Discover Your Perfect University Experience

This personality quiz style campaign asks students to answer a few questions to reveal bespoke recommendations for all the things that they would love to do at your university.

University Ideas

How it Works

Why You’ll Love It

How our campaigns work

We activate our campaigns through highly targeted Social PR and Influencer outreach combined with optimised Social advertising to deliver reach to exactly the right audience.

Data capture is comprehensive and flexible allowing full compliance with all opt-in regulations and all applications are fully functional on desktop, mobile and tablet.

We specialise in arranging highly relevant top quality commercial partners for our promotions. As part of the arrangements with them, we can negotiate free product as prizes, access to their social networks and inclusion in their newsletters to further extend campaign reach.

We also ensure awareness is raised in your existing community by working with third party or in-house social teams on special announcements via your existing profiles.

Finally, we actively support commercial follow up of any campaign with offers such as discount or money off coupons via the campaign mechanic or a follow up newsletter to deliver a direct return on campaign investment.

For more information on these highly effective ways to collect pre-qualified customer leads from social media – and Facebook in particular, please contact us or call 0117 9111420.