As a tour operator, you don’t deal in trips away or holidays. You deal in irresistible, potentially life-changing experiences. Experiences people want to talk about and share.

And with the prime booking period for the upcoming ski season just around the corner, now is the time for your brand to capitalise on what social media does best; conversation.

Tell the right story and your social media campaign will deliver increased brand recognition, turning discussion into bookings and revenue.

Drawing on our experience in the travel and tourism sector, our team has put together 3 powerful social media campaign ideas targeted to deliver real results against your most important objectives over the coming ski season.

Ski Slope Trivia



An interactive ski slope adventure that tests the knowledge of fans or visitors to your website, getting them engaged with the idea of a skiing holiday.


How it works…

Installed on your website, in a microsite or as an app on your Facebook page, this trivia app immerses entrants in an interactive slopeside adventure.

In order to enter the competition, entrants must answer a series of three informative questions, piquing their interest in a potential skiing holiday.

An optional hint button can be included, which directs entrants to your website, driving traffic to and interest in your brand.

Once the final question has been answered, entrants are prompted to enter their details and take advantage of incentives to visit your site, or sharing options to alert their friend to the prize on offer.

Why you’ll love it…

Simple Ski Quiz

Skiing Advertising

This app may feature a simple quiz mechanic, but it’s a campaign that’s proved effective in engaging a wide audience time and again.


How it works…

Attractively designed, the quiz app grabs potential fans, entrants and customers with eye-catching graphics and a simple mechanic.

Asked to answer a simple, relevant question, fans are prompted to enter their email address for a chance to win equipment, a holiday or vouchers.

Clearly positioned links and a separate landing screen for entrants encourage viral sharing a highlight a range of packages for this year’s ski season.

Why you’ll love it…

The Perfect Skiing Holiday



One person’s perfect skiing holiday and destination, is another person’s idea of a stressful break away. This sweepstakes app takes the idea of variety and runs with it; what is your entrants perfect skiing holiday?


How it works…

Posing a series of questions about the entrant’s preferences, the app builds a profile of that person, tempting them with a taste of what their perfect skiing holiday could be like.

Potential entrants are encouraged to ‘enter to win’ using their email address – prizes are decided based on the answers given.

Throughout the promotion, users are encouraged to share the campaigns and your website with friends across any number of social media networks, maximising entries.

Why you’ll love it…

These are just 3 of the many social media campaign ideas we’ve had for the promotion of your tours and holiday packages this ski season – each example is designed to drive high levels of engagement and interaction with your brand, while implementing effective data capture to bolster your future campaigns.

To find out how you can make the most of your social media activities now and in the future, please call us today on 01179 111 420, or email us at