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Well, we don’t want to give everything away but here are a few pointers as to what your social media marketing strategy should include…

Business Objectives

The starting point of all strategies!

What do you consider success in your social media strategy and why? Is it Facebook likes? Traffic from Twitter to your website? Video views on YouTube? Communication with social bloggers?

We will explore what it is that you actually want to achieve with social media and then formulate a plan of how you can get there.

We’re not afraid to challenge your thoughts either and if we think we can offer some valid suggestions that will achieve your objectives differently than how you were thinking, then we will use all of our experience and knowledge and speak up!

If you don’t know what you want to achieve, let us help you define your objectives as we have with some of our clients.


Do you know what is currently being said about you in the social media world?

Using leading social media analytics powered by Alterian, our audit will allow you to review the current and past position of your company and brand name.  We will include information such as volume of comments and the sentiment of various key social media channels for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Who are you competitors and do you know what they are doing in the social media world?

In this section of the strategy, we will look at your key competitors and highlight some of the things they are doing and what is being said about them.  This will help shape your strategy as we move forward.

Social Media Channels

What are the best channels for you to exploit and how can you get your message out?

Here we will look at your products and/or services, your market, and your business objectives and suggest the best channels of social media for you.

Content Plan

What are your messages going to be?

Engaging content through text comments and reviews, photos, videos, competitions, polls etc… are the key to a successful social media strategy and we will advise on the very best ways for you to engage and grow your social media audience.


How do I maximise the opportunities?

Once we have identified your best social media channels it is important to research key multipliers within each. What existing Facebook Groups are there that could be useful? Who are the influencers on Twitter for your industry? Which bloggers have the most important audience for your business and what potential promotional partners exist which could help you reach a new audience?

Activity Schedule

What do I say to who, and when?

Once we have your content plan and distribution channels we will be able to estimate the amount of activity required for each channel and the amount of time this will require. Most strategies consist of both regular on-going activity and bigger ‘campaigns’ for key elements of your PR / marketing messages.

Monitoring / Moderation

How do you know what is being said and when? How should you respond?

This will provide information on how you can monitor the effects of your activity on an on-going basis and in real-time, as well as provide suggestions on moderation techniques and responses.

Required Resources

Do you know how much time you need to spend on social media and what resources you will require?

Once we have completed this process we will be able to advise you on how much resource you require to implement and manage your social media strategy to full effect.

Reporting and Review

What reporting do you require and how do you review this?

Monthly reports against targets and KPIs are important to monitor the success of your social media strategy and campaigns. Reporting and reviewing is also important to determine any adaptations required for your continued activity.


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