Digital Advertising

With the right know-how, digital advertising’s precise targeting is astonishing. And having been at the birth of ‘social advertising’, few have more experience than us.

We combine the expert knowledge of our Google accredited team with our content and creative services to maximise each channel’s potential to craft messages that compel audiences to act, purchase, and travel.

We make sure any campaign is transparent, measurable and flexible; so we can adapt, enhance or expand as we go while keeping a direct line back to revenue. In 2019, our advertising services inspired over 20 million visits in the UK, generating millions of pounds of sales.

Our digital advertising services cover:

Audience definition

We identify valuable new audiences for your business and help you gain a deep understanding of who they are, what makes them tick and how they want to hear from you to deliver your best results.

Campaign delivery

We help develop engaging content and execute impactful campaigns across social, PPC, display and programmatic advertising, and digital radio and TV.


Retargeting campaigns are a highly effective form of advertising and can achieve 2 or 3 times more sales. We can retarget across all channels to ensure no potential customer is lost.

Google Grant application and management

Many non-profit organisations can benefit from Google Grants as it is essentially free advertising. If you’re eligible, we can help you apply and optimise your grant to make sure you are getting the most from the programme.

Digital Visitor is the Digital Partner of The Tourism Business
Digital Visitor is an official google partner in Search and Display Advertising