google plus_smallRemember when Google+ came out and we all rushed to get a profile? Then we were left twiddling our fingers because we didn’t know what to do with it? Compared to other social media platforms it didn’t seem worthwhile because the traffic was low and other sites were just far more popular.  Now, Google+ is gaining momentum; with 359 million users and traffic up 33% it’s time to start taking advantage of the opportunities Google+ has to offer…

Credibility in content

Authorship is one of the main draws to Google+. One of the most frustrating problems with a lot of digital marketing is your original content is used by others to help them build up their own rankings. Google+ has created a way you can claim authorship of your entire original content, by linking your content to your Google+ profile. Once you’ve linked it, your Google+ picture will appear next to your content in search results.

As well as the obvious perk of credibility, the authorship feature will drive more traffic to your content and your Google+ profile.

Get yourself higher in search rankings

We all know that social rankings now play a big part in your overall search ranking. And with Google remaining the king of search worldwide, it’s easy to see why it’s important to have a presence on their social network.

With the creation of Google+ your social recommendations and interactions will affect your business ranking.  Meaning each share on Google+ will be a recommendation for searchers and an indication to Google that this content is valuable.

The Google+ dashboard: More helpful than most

Google+ being connected to the mighty Google has so many advantages and their dashboard is definitely one of them. From your dashboard you can update your business information. Things like website URLs, phone numbers, store hours across search and Google.

You can also use AdWords express campaigns. Using this will give you access as well as insights into the top searches for your business and how well your Google+ posts are going.

Hangout with your customers

The community feature allows you to get your customers together in one place and give you some valuable feedback. Hosting hangouts are a great way to launch new products or services to customers, as well as creating an online community that supports your business.

Adding Google Authorship to WordPress Blog – No Plugin Required

1. First, make sure that there’s a link going from the author’s Google Plus page to the blog, which should be listed in the ‘Contributor to’ section on the About tab on their profile.

Google Authorship

2. Then, check that the blog post you want to link to the author’s Google Plus profile has been attributed to them – if not, it’s easily fixed.

Google Authorship

3. Next, you want to ensure the author’s WordPress profile links back to their Google Plus profile. Select Users from the WordPress Dashboard and click on the appropriate user to edit the information associated with them.

Google Authorship

4. Paste the URL of their Google Plus profile into the boxes marked ‘Website’ and ‘Google+’. For example: But, you must also add this all important ending to the URL: ?rel=author So the result in this case is: Then click Update.

Google Authorship

5. Finally, run a quick test to ensure Google Authorship is up and running using Google’s Structured Data testing Tool. Simply paste the blog post’s URL into the box at the top and press Preview. If you’ve been successful, you should see something like the below.

Google Authorship